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iOS 17: Explore the Latest Features and Updates

  • Jun 20,2023
  • Lavorg
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Apple announced the new iOS 17 features that will be available in September during the WWDC23 keynote on June 5th. iOS 17 is another example of Apple's pioneering spirit in innovation. According to a popular quote, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating," Apple has released a big update with iOS 17 features and updates that have the potential to revolutionize the industry. The upcoming software upgrade will make different changes to the user interface, fix software bugs, and bring new functionalities. 

The upgrade will be free of charge. It's equivalent to getting a brand-new iPhone for free. This blog dives deep into the iOS 17 release timetable for the forthcoming iOS, including the expected dates for beta and final versions. It also clarifies how to download the new operating system when it becomes accessible. Additionally, we also discuss details of which iPhone models are expected to be compatible with the latest iOS. Finally, we explore potential features of the new operating system.

When Will iOS 17 Get Released?

On June 5, Apple revealed iOS 17 upgrades and additions at WWDC 2023. According to Apple, the public beta for iOS 17 will be available in July 2023. Despite the speculation, the official launch date will be September 2023.

All models are typically released in September, coinciding with the debut of the current iPhones. The iPhone 15 series will come preloaded with iOS 17, and it is expected to be introduced in the middle of September 2023.

iOS 17 Features And Updates: What Are They?

Similar to past iOS iterations, some of the features shown may not be accessible immediately upon the stable release of iOS 17, while others may not be included at all. We've collected a comprehensive overview of the most notable features in the most recent release of the operating system.

  • Standby Mode:

    Have you ever wondered why Apple has never developed a digital display? When you place your iPhone in a vertical charging posture, the iOS 17 update of StandBy gives a full-screen experience. A new lock screen with information viewable from a distance will appear. It can be modified to show gorgeous clock designs, favorite images, or widgets like Smart Stacks, which emphasize the appropriate widgets at the proper moment. 

  • Contact Posters:

    One of the iOS 17 additions is contact posters, which look like elegant business cards but are used when contacting someone already in your address book. You may customize the screen that appears when someone answers your phone by including a photo or Memoji of yourself as well as a font and color of your choice. These will work with third-party calling apps and appear in your Contacts app.

  • Voicemail Transcription:

    iOS 17 introduces live voicemail transcription, which tells you who is calling. If necessary, you can respond to a caller's voicemail. Because of the neural engine, live voicemail transcription is done on-device and is confidential.

  • Airdrop and Namedrop:

    NameDrop is an AirDrop feature that allows you to position two iPhones next to one other and swap contact name cards. Select which email addresses and phone numbers to display on the screen. NameDrop is not activated when two iPhones are brought together. This action allows you to begin SharePlay activities such as listening to music or sharing content.

    If someone is sharing high-resolution material with you, you don't have to wait for it to finish. While you are away, the internet will transfer the files to you. Because this feature is "coming later this year," it may emerge after the new iOS 17 features.

  • “Hey Siri” Command:

    You no longer have to say "Hey" every time you want to summon Siri. Making several requests in a single command allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

  • Autocorrect:

    Isn't Apple's autocorrect annoying? With iOS 17 performance, autocorrect plays a key role, thanks to its "transformer language mode," which allows it to predict words like a pro. It will correct more grammatical problems than ever before and offer predictive text recommendations, similar to Gmail's Smart Compose. Furthermore, voice dictation now makes use of a more accurate speech recognition system.
  • Brand-new Journal App:

    The iOS 17 Journal app is popular among writers. It fosters critical thinking and writing appreciation. You can quickly make a diary post based on recent activity, such as images, people, places, music, and so on. End-to-end encryption in the Journal ensures that even Apple cannot decipher user comments while iOS 17 evaluates privacy.
  • Stickers:

    All emojis in the iOS 17 release will now be resizable stickers. It is possible to extract subjects from photographs and transform them into decals. You can create live stickers from live, animated photographs.
  • Multiple Safari Profiles:

    You can now effectively segregate your browsing activities for different objectives, such as work and personal themes, by using numerous Safari Profiles. This tool allows users to organize and manage their browsing history, extensions, tab groups, cookies, and favorites. Furthermore, during your online experience, you can quickly switch between several user profiles.
  • iMessage and FaceTime:

    When you arrive, first check in with a friend or family member. If you arrive late, the system will try to reach you and relay your location, battery level, and cell service status to your loved one. End-to-end encryption is claimed by Apple.

    For unanswered FaceTime calls, you can now leave a video or voice message. FaceTime and iPhone cameras are now supported by Apple TV. During the dialogue, hand movements may trigger augmented reality "reactions" such as confetti, love, and fireworks.
  • Offline Maps:

    While Google Maps has had this feature for quite some time, Apple has now caught up and included it in their latest iOS 17 features and updates. It is now possible to save a specific region of a map directly onto your device. This feature allows you to access the map even when you are offline and includes turn-by-turn navigation capabilities.
  • Mindfulness Feature in the Health App:

    Health is wealth, so take care of both body and mind. Apple has added mindfulness features to the Health app on the iOS 17 release. It's a step in the right direction. In the blink of an eye, users can take stock of their mental state with depression and anxiety evaluations, and jot down their daily moods and fleeting feelings in a journal. They can try to read between the lines and figure out what's causing their mood.d.
  • Interactive Widgets:

    The primary function of widgets is to make information readily accessible. Additionally, they eliminate the need to activate an application every time a simple review is required. With iOS 17 features and updates, you can use widgets to play music, turn off the lighting, and more.

Which Devices Are Compatible With iOS 17 Features and Updates?

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X models are not likely to be supported in the future iOS 17 version. Apple introduced three new iPhone models in the year they were released: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. iOS 16 is compatible with all devices. As a result, they will receive security updates and support for at least a year. The latest iOS 17 features and upgrades are compatible with the iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14 series, as well as the iPhone SE, XR, and XS Max.

How To Install The Beta Version Of iOS 17 Features And Updates?

Apple, the tech giant, has lately added a feature on its platform called "Beta Updates." This new functionality seeks to simplify the installation of beta builds, making it more user-friendly and accessible. Those whose iPhones fulfill the iOS 17 eligibility criteria may find that downloading and installing the iOS 17 developer beta is a simple process that does not necessitate the download of any profiles. It is not necessary to pay $99 to install the developer beta. The beta version for developers is currently available for free to all users.

  • Step 1: Log in to the Apple Developer Centre website ( with your Apple ID credentials. Signing in is sufficient to access the Apple Developer Programme; there is no need to join. After successfully logging in, follow the steps below based on the version of your iPhone.

  • Step 2: Go to the "Settings" menu, then "General," and finally "Software Update." Select the "Beta Updates" option and then the iOS 17 Developer Beta version.

  • Step 3: Go to the Software Update area and wait for the iOS 17 beta to emerge before beginning the download procedure.

If the option to enable beta updates or iOS 17 is not visible:

  • Perform a device restart on your iPhone.
  • If your device is not running on the required version, it is necessary to update your device before accessing the beta option available in the settings.
  • Attempt to exit and restart the Settings application.
  • It is recommended to verify that your device is operating on iOS version 16.4 or a later version. 

Having understood the installation process of the latest update, it is now time to hire iPhone app developers and consider expanding your company.


In addition to the iOS 17 new features, there may be additional updates available. The Photos application features a "One-tap crop button" that enables users to crop an image while zooming in, requiring only a few taps to complete the process.

A potential upcoming feature is the inclusion of a pet-tracking camera mode. Recently, Apple has unveiled developer tools that have the potential to enable this functionality. However, an app maker must take the initiative to implement it in practice.

Nevertheless, when comparing iOS 17 vs. iOS 16, there are certain expectations that the former must meet. Based on the information that has been released thus far, it appears that iOS 17 is on track to meet these expectations. With the latest update, the sky’s the limit for the iOS app to leave a lasting impression in the market. Hire remote iOS app developers from Lavorg to bring your vision to life.