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10 Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid When Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

  • Mar 03,2023
  • Lavorg
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Having a solid app idea is the first step to thinking of your software solution. However, an app idea cannot get you the desired outcome. For successful results, you need someone proficient in app development.

Developing an app in-house with limited expertise and infrastructure can increase the costs and delay the launch. It can lead to a sterile environment within your organization. You can neither release the app nor manage the customer’s expectations. 

Hiring dedicated developers can help manage software development for your business. Germany is one of the best markets to consider your software outsourcing. The total revenue from IT outsourcing has reached $21.77 in 2022 (Statista).

The top reasons why businesses consider Germany for software outsourcing include the following:

It is a technologically advanced country

Possesses a steady and growing IT market

When choosing an outsourcing partner for your software development needs, you should research well and find someone with a strong portfolio backing their experience. Most businesses need to correct a few things while researching or finding a partner, which can lead to wrong hires. This can increase the overall cost of development. 

Here, we have curated the mistakes you will likely make when hiring a dedicated developers team for your business software needs.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When hiring Developers and How to Avoid it

When you start looking for a tech partner who can support your application development goals, several factors must be considered. You may have overlooked a few factors or considered the ones that can lead to the wrong hiring. Here we will discuss all the mistakes you should avoid when finding your partner.

top 10 mistakes to avoid while hiring dedicated developers

Mistake#1: Looking for Cheap Resources

Several businesses take the cost-first approach when considering outsourcing. They look for budgeted or cheap dedicated developers that can help convert their idea into a solution. While cost-effective choices are great, going cheap can hurt your idea.

You may need to find the right experience or expertise that fits your business needs. In some cases, they may have a different portfolio than you seek, which can risk your development. 

Evaluating the cost factor and not considering the others can be mayhem for modern businesses. 

You can avoid this mistake by taking cost as one of the many factors that you will evaluate when finding the developer for your business. They can be cheap and non-effective too, which can put your business at stake. 

Make sure they don’t offer very low costs that are not feasible; it could also be a potential scam.

Mistake#2: Not Considering their Work Approach

The development team’s habits can speak volumes about their capability to stay at the project's helm. It will help you understand if the developer can meet the quality and time commitments that you require. 

It can lengthen the timeline if they aren’t organized or have a process. You will end up paying more money developing the app than you should.

For example, if they follow a particular methodology, they would know how to plan the different phases of software development. Similarly, if they have a defined process, they can easily break an entire task into smaller ones and make development easy.

The developer should be well-versed in what a finished product looks like and how to measure quality. They should have a well-commented code that can help collaboration. They should have a defined testing method and feedback incorporation strategy.

Mistake#3: Not Checking their Ratings On Top Websites

Hiring someone who needs to conduct thorough research on the company in the media space can be a problem. Checking their website is one of many ways to know their capabilities. It is equally important to learn from other businesses and their customers. 

That’s why you should check the top websites such as Clutch, Getapp and others to view their ratings. Find out how the people who have worked with them rated their services. 

At the same time, you should also look at their blog and view their expertise. If the top developers are blogging and sharing their expertise, it could mean they have the experience to deliver the solution you need.

You should always look beyond their website to avoid hiring the wrong development team. 

Mistake#4: Traditional Methodology and Slow Development Process

One of the biggest things that could be improved is thinking you can delay the launch. No, the market is competitive and releasing a software solution before your competition does the key to getting more business. If you choose someone that follows the traditional methodology, you might be looking at delays and expenses. Add to it a slow development process that comprises testing after the development is completed, and you will be spending a lot of time on quality assessment and feedback. 

The baton will be passed several times before the development and testing teams before you can finalize the solution. In the meantime, your competitor must have rolled out a solution that strikes the audience.

You should consider the methodology and development process before you hire dedicated development teams. Choosing someone who offers the agile methodology and test-driven processes to develop your mobile application is a good idea. 


Mistake#5: Not Getting a Background Check Done

Background verification is compulsory and important. It will help avoid scams and losses. For instance, if they have a good understanding of healthcare and you are from retail, they may need to fit your requirements better. Similarly, they cannot be your partner if they are adept with mobile applications but haven’t a clue about ReactJS development.

Checking their expertise, skills, and portfolio is key to getting the right dedicated development team for your business. It is equally important to look at their abilities, the developers on their team and their achievements when you are hiring. 

Detailed research with all the right pointers can help ensure a smooth hiring process. 

Mistake#6: Avoiding Moving Beyond Your Country

When hiring a software development company, we all need to look at geographical boundaries. For example, if you are in London, you might want to be near your location. However, restricting geographically can prove to be cost and resource intensive.

With the advancements in communication, many tools supporting remote collaboration and enhanced technological availability, you can work with companies beyond your geography.

Germany is technologically advanced, as we discussed earlier, and has a strong IT industry. You can leverage their capability and support it with low outsourcing costs to build a cost-effective solution.

By disbanding location barriers, you can meet more professional and experienced software developers.

Mistake#7: Hiring Someone Who Says Yes to Everything

This is one of the biggest hiring mistakes that businesses make. If the developer commits to everything you want and doesn’t make suggestions, it is likely they may not be able to deliver it properly. 

If they are alright with your suggestions regarding the particular solution, you might want to rethink hiring. They don’t have the expertise or understanding of your domain. They may not have the experience to deliver a solution similar to what you need.

Contradictions and suggestions are healthy conversations between the two teams. It suggests your developer has an understanding of what is expected from them. It also helps you know whether or not you can trust them with things.

This also poses a problem of over-commitment, which can lead to larger problems for your business. You might make plans based on their commitment, and if they cannot deliver or pass it off at the last minute, you will land in a soup.

When hiring a dedicated developer for your business requirements, always look for someone who will offer a solution. Share the problem with the development team and sit back to see what they say. Allow them to share their solutions instead of pointing them out to them.

If they ask the right questions and move along the path of requirements gathering, you might have a fine developer on your team. 

Mistake#8: Not Having a Detailed Virtual or In-person Meeting with The Team

If you outsource to a software development company, it is important to know what they understand. Sharing requirements, Proposal, discussing the problem, determining the goals and interviewing the developer about their abilities are key to good hiring.

However, most businesses hire dedicated developers based on references. They don’t even have a kick-off meeting or a conversation before hiring the developer. This means you are flying blind, which can hurt your business in the long run.

That’s why you should always meet with the team before you move ahead with the project. A detailed call describing your project, sharing your requirements and offering the plan can help you plan the project well. It will also ensure that the two of you are on the same page concerning the project.

Mistake#9: No NDA or Work Scope Definition

Starting without signing an NDA with your prospective partner can be a mistake. This means you enter a partnership without the budget, cost, work scope and even milestone contracts. It can lead to higher costs, increased timelines, and sometimes work scope conflicts.

You might have assumed certain aspects are part of their work scope; however, they may be outside their scope. This can lead to more clarity and lead more work experience. However, if you sign a contract, you are removing the chances of assuming things. You will know the different phases of the work, how long the project will take, the overall cost, and the scope to be attended.

If you don’t sign the NDA, you may also lose the intellectual property rights towards your project. This can also cause more trouble, as the development company can showcase your work as theirs.

Mistake#10: Inability to Handle Feedback

Choosing a development team that cannot take constructive feedback and has a defensive attitude may not work in your favour. They have the expertise and would not consider your input important. Eventually, you will notice they throw an around attitude and don’t have the transparent process they had suggested.

These things can lead to issues while working together. If the experience is bad, the result will not be good either. That’s why you should always look for people who can handle criticism and feedback.

You can check this while interviewing the development team. Ask them questions and throw them into different scenarios. It will help understand how they think and what they feel about feedback. Eventually, you will know if they fit your requirements. 


Hiring dedicated developers for your upcoming project can help you streamline the development processes and release high-quality solutions into the market. You can create a stable version of your business application without increasing the development costs or the total resources. Outsourcing can also enhance your deliveries and accelerate the timelines. 

Lavorg is a leading software outsourcing company in Germany . With our expert team, exceptional software development knowledge and understanding of the top industries, we offer capable and high-quality solutions. You can connect with us with your requirements to develop a high-performing application for your business.